Beach Refrigerator Magnets

It’s another very hot day in Oklahoma. How was your Tuesday?
In yesterday’s post I talked about going to Michaels and the new Mod Podge products I bought. Today, I will share with you the refrigerator magnets I made using some of the great products.
I used the podgeables, sparkle Mod Podge, dimensional magic Mod Podge and scrapbook paper with beach scenes.

I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the podgeables and then attached the scrapbook paper to the podgeables. I used the podgeables as the back of the magnet to make them more stable. I then added some sparkle to the sky of the beach scenes. 
Once that dried, I used the dimensional magic on top of the picture. Be sure to let the dimensional magic dry for at least three hours (this is where I became impatient). After everything was dry, I added magnets to the back.

Now, I have magnets with some great beach pictures.


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