Grandparents Day

Since I have my first grandchild, Grandparent’s Day means the world to me. I am looking forward to spending the day with him. When he gets older I will be looking forward to cards and crafts he has made for my husband and me.

Grandparents Day is September 9, are you ready? If not, here are a few “pin”spirations I have found.


What grandparent doesn’t like pictures and this board from I {heart} Nap Time is the perfect way to display those photos.
At Under the Table and Dreaming, Stephanie made these adorable dough hand prints. These make great memories and years later your grand child can compare their hand sizes.
Life is sweet

A card is always special and Life is Sweet made this card even more special with a child’s hand print.

Have you already made a grandparent gift? Will you be making one this weekend?


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