Less Fear

I’m doing it!! In order to get me blogging every day I am accepting the challenge of NoBloPoMo! For those not familiar with this it is National Blog Posting Month. November is the official NoBloPoMo month but every month is assigned a theme to inspire bloggers. Since I’m all about inspiration, I am going to take the challenge using the December theme “more/less” from BlogHer.

I have been wanting to blog for a long time and even started blogging about a year ago. Even though a family emergency is what first stopped me, I really think fear of not succeeding kept me from continuing. I hope this month long challenge will give me more confidence to continue my blog. This challenge will be very hard for me. With work, family life, and Christmas it will be a very busy month and now I’m adding blogging to the list. I think with all the inspiration that I am finding everywhere, I will be more likely to complete this challenge. I in turn want to use this blog to be more of an inspiration to others.

So here is to less fear and more confidence.


Get Inspired,



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