Wine Cork Trees

Happy Cyber Monday! I am so excited to show you some of the projects I have been working on for weeks! Unfortunately, I will have to wait until after Christmas to share. I have made several gifts and I don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone. But I will share some of the other Christmas goodness I have made.

I have been admiring all kinds of projects on Pinterest made out of wine corks. So, with some help, I gathered up wine corks to make Christmas trees. They are surprisingly easy to make and it only took me a few hours to make about 12.

ImageI found a good tutorial here with lots of great ideas to embellish the trees. I choose to wrap my trees with ribbon. My first tree was a craft fail. I wrapped the ribbon around the tree then attached a loop to the back of the tree. When the tree is hung by the loop it falls forward. I made a few changes and wrapped the top cork separate from the others so that the loop is in the middle of the top cork.

ImageHave you found any wine cork projects that inspire you?


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