Big Weekend

It is very cold here in Oklahoma, it wasn’t even above freezing today. And the weekend temperatures will be about the same. With this cold weather, it looks like a weekend that will be spent at home.

I have big plans of relaxing on the couch and watching college football (its bedlam her in Oklahoma). Then, working on some of those Christmas presents I am making. But as I mentioned yesterday, I haven’t started decorating for Christmas yet. So, guess what I will really be doing this weekend while stuck in the house? That’s right, dragging out all the Christmas stuff.

Although we won’t be bring out the artificial tree. This year, the hubster and I have decided to get a real tree. I can only remember one other year that we had a real tree and I remember lots of pine needles falling. This year I am putting that behind me and am looking forward to the fresh smell of pine throughout the house. We’ll see what I think after Christmas. There may be a reason we have only had a real tree one other time.

Do you use a real tree?



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