Hanging Ornaments

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. The hubs and I went and picked out a Douglas fir tree and put it up. We have only had a real tree one other time and I do not remember anything about it except the pine needles everywhere. So, I was surprised by how soft this tree feels. I thought the needles would be very prickly.

Hanging the ornaments was different from hanging them on an artificial tree. With an artificial tree, the limbs can be bent to accommodate the heavier ornaments. But with the real tree, I had to be more careful with where I placed heavy ornaments. I had to place some ornaments farther back on the branches so the branches would not sag. But I love how it looks and it smells very good in the house.

tree_01I have a lot of glass balls on my tree. But I think glass balls are kind of plain, so to dress them up I tied wired gold ribbon on the tops of the balls. I used the wired ribbon so that I could shape the ribbon. This is a very cheap and simple addition to the ornaments.

Wired ribbon tied on top of a glass ball is cheap and easy

Get inspired,



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