Gingerbread House Day

gingerbread house photo:  gingerbread-house.jpgHappy National Gingerbread House Day! Although it may or may not be, I am finding some information that says it may be on November 10th and not today. In any case, I am celebrating today. No, I am not going to make a gingerbread house because I would rather be at the craft table than the kitchen. I won’t even make a gingerbread house from a kit.

Several years ago when my girls where young, our family decided to get a gingerbread house kit and put it together as a family. It would be such a fun family project. We would have many fond memories about putting a gingerbread house together. So we bought the kit and never put it together. I think that kit set up in the cabinet for several years. I don’t know why we never put it together. Maybe because it involved being in the kitchen and as I said before I would rather be at the craft table. Maybe it never got made because it looked like a disaster waiting to happen with all the frosting.

The gingerbread house kit was mentioned several times over the years.

“Remember the gingerbread house we bought?”

“I think it’s still in the cabinet.”

“We should put it together.”

“We should.”

Then it would continue to sit in the cabinet. I may have moved it a few times just to get it out of the way.

Then one year, the youngest daughter decided she was going to put it together. And she did, all on her own. She did a really great job and it turned out really cute. Too bad we couldn’t eat it since it had been in a cabinet for so long (I’m sure it was way past the expiration date).

Oh but the memories we have of that kit. Every time we walk by a gingerbread house kit in a store we laugh and say “Remember our gingerbread house?”

Don’t get me wrong, I think they look great when they are put together. I have seen some very elaborate houses that just amaze me.  It must take a lot of patience and skill to put one together. And I just don’t think I have what it takes.

Happy Gingerbread House Day and may all the walls stand up straight.

Be inspired,



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