Moms Do Not Know All

As my daughters get older I learn more about them. I find out things about their childhood that I can’t believe I did not know.

Today, we went out to eat and my youngest daughter ordered a tuna salad sandwich. She asked my oldest daughter if she wanted to try it and the oldest turned up her nose. Conversation turned to fish and the oldest daughter said that she has never liked to eat fish. Then, my oldest daughter told me that when she was younger and I would make fish sticks she would be so disappointed. She wondered why I hated her so much to make her eat fish sticks. She said that she would have to get a lot of tater sauce to dip them in just so she could eat the fish.

We laughed so much about this today that we were almost in tears. But seriously, how does a mother not know this about her child? How could I continue to feed her something that she really didn’t like? I guess I just have the best daughters and she did not want to hurt my feelings by telling me she did not like fish.

Do you have something that you ate just to make your mom happy?

Be Inspired,



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