QR Code Cross Stitch

Well, the presents have all been opened and all the empty boxes thrown in the trash. The tree is still up, I’m one of those that leave it up until New Year’s (or after). Now that I don’t have to keep the gifts that I made a surprise, I can share them with you.

The gift I made for my husband was very simple but my husband thought it was great. My husband works in the technology world so I thought this would be the perfect gift for a techy.

I found this wonderful project where I find most of my projects, on Pinterest. The tutorial for the cross stitch come from Brooklyn Bride.

First, you will need a QR app that will allow you to create a text code. (There are some free apps that will allow you to create just read about the apps before you download.) The longer your text the bigger and more intricate your QR code will be. I went simple and used the text “Jim, I love you!”

Once you have created your code, print the code and draw a grid over the code to create your cross stitch pattern. Each black square will be where you cross stitch. Be very careful because one wrong stitch will change what is said when you scan the code.

My text created a 1 inch square cross stitch. I then framed it in a small frame

When my husband opened it he asked “What does it say?” I told him he had to scan it to find out. He couldn’t believe it would really scan.

This would also make a great valentines or birthday present. And it would be good for a teen or college student (they won’t believe you even know what a QR code is).

Be inspired,



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