Line A Day Journal

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We are well into the New Year. Have you set any resolutions? I usually don’t set resolutions because I just break them. This year I didn’t set a resolution but made a commitment to write a line a day journal. So while my daughters where home we had a fun night of crafting and made journal boxes.

Line A Day.jpgEach day, I write one sentence about what happened or what I want to remember about that day. Then, when next year starts, I will write a sentence on the next line and be able to review what happened in 2014. As the years pass it will be fun to read about what happened three and four years back.

011214_0213_LineADayJou2.jpgTo get started you will need index cards, a box to hold index cards, a date stamp, and washi tape.

011214_0213_LineADayJou3.jpgStamp the top of each index card with each date. Do not put the year on the stamp because each line of the index card will be a different year. I could not find a stamp without a year so we ended up cutting the year off of the stamp.

011214_0213_LineADayJou4.jpgI used the washi tape to trim 12 index cards for each month. I also used the tape to create a tab at the top of these cards.

011214_0213_LineADayJou5.jpgI am enjoying writing a sentence each day and am looking forward to the coming years. It will be so exciting to see what our family has done through the years.

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