Desk Calendar

I have been hit by the bug. I have not felt well for days and have even lost my voice. In spite of being down I had a productive weekend. I made a few new things and finish up a few ongoing projects.

Last year, I printed some small calendars and gave them with little easels as gifts. So this year, I didn’t want those little easels to go to waste so I printed up this year’s calendars. I found a great printable calendar at Elegance and Enchantment.

2014 Printable CalendarI printed out 15 calendars and then got out the paper cutter and started cutting. Once I had a calendar together, I but a small touch of glue on a small paint brush and brushed the glue onto the top edge of the calendar. Adding the glue binds the pages of the calendar so that pages do not get lost during the year.

2014 Printable Calendar

I really like the chevron pattern on this calendar. Have you ever made small desk calendars as gifts?

Be Inspired,



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