Love Birds Wreath

Love Birds

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Since my kids are grown, I no longer have to think about school Valentine’s cards. But one of my fondest memories of Valentines is when my youngest daughter had to make a Valentine’s box. We used a soap box to make a hippo wearing a pink tutu. It was the cutest box I have ever seen (I may be partial). Unfortunately, that was way before we carried around cell phones so I have no pictures of the box. I do have the memories and so does my daughter.

Now that I do not have to worry about school Valentine’s cards, I am focusing on other fun Valentine’s projects. I found a small grape vine wreath and made a fun wreath for my love nest.

Love Birds WreathI used construction paper to cut out two love birds.

Love BirdsI glued the love birds on to string that I tied onto the wreath. Then, I glued scrabble tiles for “LOVE BIRDS” onto the wreath.

Love Birds WreathDo you have any memories of school Valentine parties?

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