Quilting Day: A Pattern

Happy Friday! Do you have big plans for the weekend? Are you snowed in and just staying home? Having a Super Bowl party? Whatever you do I hope you enjoy the weekend. Our family is getting together to enjoy our youngest daughters 23rd birthday. (Wow, how time flies).

My youngest daughter loves to sew and has made several quilts and I made my first quilt last year. So now my husband thinks he needs his own quilt. He thinks when it is below freezing outside he needs a quilt, like the rest of the family, to snuggle up in. I finally gave in and said I would make him a quilt, now I have to actually get busy and make one. I’m a little nervous since this will only be my second quilt to make. Good or bad I am going to share my progress with you each week right here.

Quilting DayThe first step in making this quilt is picking out the pattern. I found a pattern on All People Quilt that I think will be simple enough for me to master. I choose the Simple Sashing and Rectangles Quilt. It says simple right in the name so I can do this. Right?

All People QuiltWith All People Quilt, I know exactly how much material I need. The pattern tells me how to cut the fabric and shows me how to assemble the quilt. I have the project instructions printed for a quick reference as I’m assembling and sewing.

Check back next week when my husband picks out the fabric. He already knows what he wants but I am throwing in a few suggestions. (What does he know about matching fabrics?)

Be Inspired,



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