10 Random Facts

This week I am getting a little personal. Since I am new to the blog world, I thought I would share a few random facts that you may not know about me. Some of these facts may even come as a surprise to people who do know me.Random Facts

  1. I love candy.
  2. But, I do not care for chocolate (I know, what is wrong with me).
  3. I become easily obsessed by the games I download on my phone.
  4. My favorite color is blue.
  5. I love the beach.
  6. But I only learned to swim about four years ago.
  7. I learned to sew when I was about twelve.
  8. I love spicy Mexican food.
  9. My favorite flowers are daisies.
  10. I have been married to my best friend for 24 years.

Let me hear from you, I would love to get to know you. What is your favorite candy, color or food?

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A Change of Life

According to Coco Chanel “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Well, I don’t think it has changed my life but it has sure changed my appearance.

This weekend I went and had my hair cut and colored. I usually like short hair but over the last year I have been letting my hair grow and only on a few occasions have I had my hair colored. I went all out this time. I decided I was tired of long hair and wanted to go back to short hair and my gray hair was really making me feel old so I wanted to get it colored. I looked through Pinterest and found some short haircuts that I liked and decided I wanted chocolate for the color.

Before and AfterI love the new look and I have received so many comments about how much younger my hair makes me look.

I wouldn’t say my hair cut has changed my life but it will save time. Now, it only takes me a few minutes to dry and fix my hair in the mornings so I have a few extra minutes and I don’t feel so rushed.

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Quilting Day: Piecing

Quilting DayHappy quilting day (Friday)! It has been a very busy week and I have been sewing and sewing and sewing.

SewingWell, it just seems like I have been sewing that much. First, I must admit that last weekend the hubs and I watched the grandson. I only got in a little sewing while he was napping. The rest of the time we were playing in a really big box and redecorating the house with all kinds of toys. And I loved every minute of it!

During the week, after work and supper, I sat down at the sewing machine and sewed. Sewing was very relaxing after my long days at work. I pieced together the rows with fat quarters and then the rows of sashing. Last night I was able to get a couple of rows sewn together.Quilt RowsSo, I did not meet my goal of having the quilt top complete, but I did make progress and that is good to me.Quilt RowsYou can see other Quilting Day posts here:

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Arm Knitted Scarf

Arm knitting seems to be one of the latest trends. Looking through Pinterest, I see lots of scarfs and blankets that are arm knitted. I love the look but thought there was no way I would be doing this, I can’t even knit. However, my youngest daughter knows how to knit and she thought she would give it a try. In one night, she set down and arm knitted two scarfs. She said that it only took her about 20 minutes to knit each scarf.

Arm Knitted ScarfThis weekend, my youngest came to visit and I had her show me how to arm knit. Actually it was a little confusing, she is left-handed and I am right-handed so we were doing everything backwards. Since I was getting so confused she had me watch the video HERE. I had to stop, rewind and re-watch several times before I caught on. The hardest part to me was the casting on stitches in the beginning. After the first part it was really easy and I got into the rhythm of knitting. I don’t know exactly how long it took to make the scarf but it seemed to come together quickly (after I re-watched the video).

Arm Knitted ScarfI want to arm knit something bigger now. I may try my hand (or arm) at a blanket but I am a little skeptical at how I am going to get that many rows up my arm.Arm KnittingHave you tried arm knitting yet?

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Random Acts of Kindness

Happy Monday! Today is the Random Acts of Kindness Day, are you participating?

Random Act of KindnessThis weekend, my family was a recipient of a random act of kindness. While sitting in a restaurant, a lady sitting at a table beside us got up and handed my husband, and the husband of another family at another table, a 20% off coupon for that restaurant. She said that she was not going to be able to use the coupons before they expired and wanted someone to be able to use the coupons. This random act of kindness was unexpected. It did not cost the lady anything but was appreciated by us and the other family. Like a ripple in the water, it is now time for me to perform a random act of kindness.

Here are a few acts of kindness that you can do today to increase the ripple.

It only takes a second to:

  • Say something nice to someone
  • Smile at five strangers
  • Let car beside you merge into traffic
  • Talk to the cashier at the grocery store

Give a little more time:

  • Clean a friend’s house
  • Donate clothes and toys to a charity
  • Write out thank you notes
  • Shovel snow for the elderly

Have some money to spend:

  • Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger
  • Pay for the order of the person in line behind you
  • Give a gift card to a new or expecting mother
  • Leave a large tip for a waiter/waitress

Random Act of KindnessI would love to hear how you helped someone today.

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