Quilting Day: Picking Fabric

Quilting DayIt’s finally Friday night. Another week and another step in making my quilt complete. This week my husband picked out the fabric for his quilt. Since it is my husband’s quilt I let him pick out what he wanted. Really, he only had one request, it had to be camo. If it was completely up to him I would have only needed two pieces of fabric, one for the front and one for the back, as long as it was camo. So this is where I had to step in and find some fabrics to go with the camo.

We started out at our local craft store but they did not have any camo and they do not carry much of a fat quarter selection. So my husband went home and got on the internet. He found camo fabric alright but he couldn’t understand that not all fabric is the same. In cyber space, he found twill, fleece, and knit. Not what I wanted to quilt with. I wanted 100% cotton fabric for quilting, remember this is only my second quilt and I don’t want to venture to far from what I know. So off we went to the bigger city in search of quilting material.

The pattern calls for ten fat quarters. So, with the camo theme in mind, the hubs and I picked out greens and browns in prints and solids and I threw in a solid black. The hubby was pleased with the prints we found (nothing was floral or pink).

Camo Fat QuartersThe long strips down the quilt will be….drum roll please….you guessed it, camo. And the sashing around the quilt will be a deep forest green. And can you guess what the back will be? Right again! Camo. I was pleasantly surprised that we found the “real” camo fabric and it was on sale!

Camo FabricSo the hubs got the fabrics he wants and next week I get to start cutting it out. But before I do, let me ask you this, do you wash your fabric first? I have heard several answers but would like to know what you think.

Be Inspired,


Update: The green fabric that I was going to use for the sashing and binding has been changed. The green was to close to one of the fat quarters that I was using so the hubs found this Duck Dynasty fabric.New Fabric


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