Quilting Day: Quilt Top

Quilting DayI finally did it! I have the quilt top finished. It took me longer than I expected but there seem to be all these little distractions that we sometimes call life that keep getting in the way.

When I started putting the quilt top together, I didn’t think I would like the Duck Dynasty fabric against the camo fabric. I kept telling myself that I should have put a solid gray there instead of the duck calls. But, it’s not my quilt and the hubby likes the duck calls. So I kept piecing it together not really sure I would like the end result.

FabricBut, now that I see the quilt top laid out on the floor, the combination really isn’t bad. The hubby likes it and that is really all that matters. He was really surprised by how big it was, he thought it would be some little throw. And now he hopes I finish it before summer gets here.

Quilt TopThis weekend I hope to get started making the quilt sandwich. Then I will just have to find the time to quilt between this and that. I quilt by machine so it shouldn’t take long once I set down at the machine but the challenge will be finding the time to set down at the machine.

Yesterday, at my day job, a coworker showed me a quilt she just finished. It was gorgeous and she hand quilted it. Her lines where so straight and each stitch was the same size. She said that it takes her about four months to complete a quilt because she does it at night when she has the time. I for one don’t think I have enough time or patience to hand quilt but I really am jealous of her ability to make such beautiful quilts.

Be Inspired,


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