Quilt Sandwich

Quilting DayI have been working on my quilt sandwich. No, it’s not something you can eat. The quilt sandwich is the quilt top, batting, and backing pinned together to hold the quilt in place while sewing.

Not only am I using pins to hold the quilt sandwich together, but I also used fusible batting. This requires a large enough space to spread the quilt out flat. I laid out the backing with the wrong side up and ironed it out. After laying the batting on top of the backing, I placed the quilt top face up on the batting. I then ironed the quilt top to the batting. When ironing start in the middle of the quilt and work out to the edges.Ironing QuiltThe fusible batting is not a sure way to keep the quilt from slipping while sewing so I also pinned the quilt sandwich together.

Pinning QuiltNow, I am ready to quilt. I hope to get some quilting done this next week but it is spring break here and my girls will be here from college. I can’t wait to see them but that usually means I don’t get much done.

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