Pinspiration: Wind and Water

I get a lot of inspiration from pins on Pinterest and the people I follow share some amazing pins. The pins I love lead to some amazing blogs with great ideas and tutorials. So, today, I am sharing this week’s most repined pin from my Pinterest boards and the pin that is inspiring me.

The most repined pin comes from The Crafting Chicks.

The Crafting Chicks: WindsockThis paper windsock is cute and simple, two of the best aspects for any project. The windsock is a craft for the kids and is made with what most people have in the craft closet. This would be great to make on a rainy April day and then hang outside on the next pretty day and the kids will love that they get to help decorate the porch. Be sure to visit The Crafting Chicks HERE to pin this and get the full tutorial.

The pin that is inspiring me this week is from The Kim Six Fix.

The Kim Six Fix: Maritime Signal Flag ArtI am going nautical in my house. And these DIY nautical alphabet flags are calling out to me. I have some ideas rolling around in my head to make this personal for my house and I am excited about getting started. Kim has a wonderful tutorial and be sure to pin to your Pinterest board from HERE.

Have you found inspiration on Pinterest this week?

Be Inspired,



Empty Easter Eggs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I know our family had an amazing weekend and spending the weekend with our grandson was such a blessing. The weather even cooperated and the rain didn’t start until after noon on Sunday.

Easter Egg HuntOur family planned ahead and decided to hunt Easter eggs on Saturday since the weather man said the rain was coming on Sunday. Our grandson is almost two so this was an exciting Easter for him and he understood how to hunt eggs. We gave him his Easter presents in a very little plastic wagon instead of a basket and then he pulled the wagon through the yard hunting Easter eggs. The little man is not a big fan of sweets so we decided not to put candy in the eggs and we thought that if we put any little toys in the eggs he would just put them in his mouth so we left the eggs empty. This will be the last year we leave the eggs empty. When he would find an egg he would open it and then tell us “gone”. We would then have to tell him that the egg was empty and that was ok. But boy did we feel bad about not putting anything in the eggs.

Easter WagonAfter he found all the eggs, we enjoyed more time outside by blowing bubbles with a big bubble wand, writing on the sidewalk with chalk and running around. This was a very memorable Easter and I look forward to many more.

Did you find lots of eggs? Where the eggs filled with goodies?

Be Inspired,


Quilting Day: Quilting

It’s quilting Friday! It has been several weeks since I have had a quilting Friday and I know my husband is thrilled because this means I am one step closer to having his quilt finished.

Quilting Day

I finally had time to set down and start the actual quilting process of the quilt. Being my second quilt, I was dreading the process. With my first quilt, I had difficulty getting such a big quilt through the sewing machine arm. It even took me several days to quilt the first quilt. With the husband’s quilt, the quilting did not seem to be as challenging. I sewed in straight lines up and down the quilt and was able to finish in one afternoon. I also had less trouble getting the quilt through the arm of the sewing machine.

Quilting on quilting day

One thing that may have made a difference is that I used quilting rings to keep my quilt rolled up while I sewed. With the rings, the quilt fit through the sewing machine arm with ease. I did have to stop a few times and re-roll my quilt and adjust the rings but even this did not seem to be a hassle.  I will definitely use these rings on my next quilt.

Quilting Rings

Half way through quilting, I began to think about my stitch length. The normal setting for my sewing machine seems to have a short stitch. Since I was already so far along, I decided to leave the stitch length but I think on my next quilt I will lengthen the stitch. This may also make the process a little faster.

I am still pleased with how the quilt is coming together. Now I have to bind the quilt.

What are your tricks that make quilting easier?

Be Inspired,


Easter Mantel

Easter Mantel - Dena Inspired

Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner. Are you ready? I just got my mantel decorated for Easter and some of the items I used can stay up for the rest of spring.

Easter Eggs on MantelThese cute little potted Easter eggs were given to me by a secret sister. I adore how the eight little pots look lined up on the mantel. The look is not too busy or fussy and I love the simplicity.

Spring Printable

I found a great free spring printable at Creative Cain Cabin. The printable I used is the “Life in Full Bloom” water-color. I love the blues and yellows in this printable. This printable will stay up even after Easter.

Easter Wreath

The wreath I used is one that my youngest daughter saw on Pinterest and made last year. I just added the little bunny (another gift from my secret sister).

Easter Mantel

I am so glad to have my mantel decorated. I love the colors of Easter and spring and how the bright colors and pastels look together. I hope you find inspiration to help you bring your Easter mantel together.

Be Inspired,


Signs Spring is Here

I love spring! I love that the temperature is not too cold or too hot. However, here in Oklahoma, the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain and it seems to happen very often this time of year. And the high winds stir up my allergies. This is a sure sign for me that spring is here. Other than allergies I am seeing sings of spring all around and today I want to share a few of my favorite spring signs. Dena InspiredThere are calves in all the fields. On my way home last night, I started noticing all the calves. The calves are so adorable with their wobbly legs. It puts a smile on my face to see them jumping around and playing with each other.

Daffodils and tulips are in bloom. I love the vibrant yellows of the daffodils and the reds and pinks of the tulips. Have you seen in flowers in bloom yet?

Dandelions springing up in the yard. Yes, they are a weed but such an obvious sign of spring.

Longer days are here. The sun is just coming up when I head out the door for work. And when I get home, there is still a couple more hours of daylight. Vitamin D from the sun is a wonderful way to get rid of the winter blues.

Dena InspiredThe sounds of the birds chirping. I think the sounds of the birds are very peaceful. I enjoy hearing the birds in the morning talking to each other and welcoming a new day.

Spring is here in Oklahoma. I know some parts of the country are still getting snow but signs of spring will be popping up before you turn around.

I would love for you to leave a comment to tell me what signs of spring you have seen and what you enjoy the most about spring.

Be Inspired,