Easter Mantel

Easter Mantel - Dena Inspired

Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner. Are you ready? I just got my mantel decorated for Easter and some of the items I used can stay up for the rest of spring.

Easter Eggs on MantelThese cute little potted Easter eggs were given to me by a secret sister. I adore how the eight little pots look lined up on the mantel. The look is not too busy or fussy and I love the simplicity.

Spring Printable

I found a great free spring printable at Creative Cain Cabin. The printable I used is the “Life in Full Bloom” water-color. I love the blues and yellows in this printable. This printable will stay up even after Easter.

Easter Wreath

The wreath I used is one that my youngest daughter saw on Pinterest and made last year. I just added the little bunny (another gift from my secret sister).

Easter Mantel

I am so glad to have my mantel decorated. I love the colors of Easter and spring and how the bright colors and pastels look together. I hope you find inspiration to help you bring your Easter mantel together.

Be Inspired,



2 thoughts on “Easter Mantel

  1. Creative Cain Cabin (@CCainCabin) says:

    Dena, the sparkly pots are just beautiful and I agree lining the up is the perfect way to display them. I adore the bunny wreath, I have seen it on Pinterest also and think it is just charming as can be. Also thank you for sharing the link to my printable 🙂 It looks just perfect framed on you Spring mantel. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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