Quilting Day: Quilting

It’s quilting Friday! It has been several weeks since I have had a quilting Friday and I know my husband is thrilled because this means I am one step closer to having his quilt finished.

Quilting Day

I finally had time to set down and start the actual quilting process of the quilt. Being my second quilt, I was dreading the process. With my first quilt, I had difficulty getting such a big quilt through the sewing machine arm. It even took me several days to quilt the first quilt. With the husband’s quilt, the quilting did not seem to be as challenging. I sewed in straight lines up and down the quilt and was able to finish in one afternoon. I also had less trouble getting the quilt through the arm of the sewing machine.

Quilting on quilting day

One thing that may have made a difference is that I used quilting rings to keep my quilt rolled up while I sewed. With the rings, the quilt fit through the sewing machine arm with ease. I did have to stop a few times and re-roll my quilt and adjust the rings but even this did not seem to be a hassle.  I will definitely use these rings on my next quilt.

Quilting Rings

Half way through quilting, I began to think about my stitch length. The normal setting for my sewing machine seems to have a short stitch. Since I was already so far along, I decided to leave the stitch length but I think on my next quilt I will lengthen the stitch. This may also make the process a little faster.

I am still pleased with how the quilt is coming together. Now I have to bind the quilt.

What are your tricks that make quilting easier?

Be Inspired,



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