Empty Easter Eggs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I know our family had an amazing weekend and spending the weekend with our grandson was such a blessing. The weather even cooperated and the rain didn’t start until after noon on Sunday.

Easter Egg HuntOur family planned ahead and decided to hunt Easter eggs on Saturday since the weather man said the rain was coming on Sunday. Our grandson is almost two so this was an exciting Easter for him and he understood how to hunt eggs. We gave him his Easter presents in a very little plastic wagon instead of a basket and then he pulled the wagon through the yard hunting Easter eggs. The little man is not a big fan of sweets so we decided not to put candy in the eggs and we thought that if we put any little toys in the eggs he would just put them in his mouth so we left the eggs empty. This will be the last year we leave the eggs empty. When he would find an egg he would open it and then tell us “gone”. We would then have to tell him that the egg was empty and that was ok. But boy did we feel bad about not putting anything in the eggs.

Easter WagonAfter he found all the eggs, we enjoyed more time outside by blowing bubbles with a big bubble wand, writing on the sidewalk with chalk and running around. This was a very memorable Easter and I look forward to many more.

Did you find lots of eggs? Where the eggs filled with goodies?

Be Inspired,



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