October is only a few days away and many groups, organizations, and employers are promoting Walktober. October is the perfect month to start a walking program because of the cooler temperatures and the beautiful fall colors to enjoy along the way.

WalktoberThis is my first year to sign up for a Walktober program but I am ready to get started and reap the benefits of walking. Walking helps maintain a healthy weight, keeps blood pressure down, and improves the immune system. Walking is the perfect time to think or meditate and walking is a stress reliever.

To get going I have a pedometer to track my steps. However, over the last few days, I have been monitoring my steps and fall short of the recommended 10,000 steps a day. So, to help add some steps in my day, I have decided to stop at a local park after work and take a walk. After work seemed like the perfect time for me because during that time I do not feel as rushed as first thing in the morning. I also know that I should take the time before I get home because sometimes when I get home and sit down, I lose the motivation to get up and move.

Tips to Get You Motivated

Join a Walktober program or start a group with friends. Being accountable to others is a great motivator.

Set goals. Set your goal higher than you know is normal but not so high that it is impossible.

Use a pedometer. Check your progress throughout the day. If you are not taking enough steps make an extra effort to move a little more.

Choose the best time for you. Early morning is better for some and late evening for others. Pick a time when you have fewer distractions or interruptions that may come up to prevent you from walking.

Will you join me for Walktober? I will be posting my progress and I look forward to hearing how you are doing too.

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Falling Leaves Mantel

Every LeafHappy fall! I love the colors that come with the changing of the leaves however, the colors of fall do not always go with my d├ęcor. This year, I have been trying to have a more coastal feel in my home but fall is not really a coastal season. Once again Pinterest came to my rescue and I found inspiration for my fall mantel.

I purchased a package of silk fall leaves and some spray paint. I spray painted the leaves and let them dry. I found a tree branch in the yard and sprayed it with a sealer. Once everything was dry, I used twine to hang the leaves from the branch.

Falling LeavesHanging the falling leaves above the mantel was the start but the mantel was lacking something more. I decided that I needed something with height to sit on the mantel. Heading back outside, I picked up four more branches. I painted the branches the same colors as I painted the leaves and left one natural spraying it with sealer. Once the branches were dry, I placed them in a metal container that I already had.

Painted BranchesThis project was inexpensive, simple and quick. I now have a fall look with coastal colors and I love the simple uncluttered look of the mantel.

Fall MantelMy inspiration came from Making Home Base.

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Large Dice Games

My husband and I went camping a couple of weekends ago. It rained the first night and we stayed in the camper and played games. We have several travel games that are small and just right for playing in the camper. But camping is more about the great outdoors so once the rain stopped we went outside and played more games. I took some common dice games that we already play and made them large and more suitable for outside.

Large Dice GamesI found just what we needed when walking the aisles of the dollar store. First, I spotted large foam dice on the toy aisle that I knew would be perfect for playing outside. The only problem was that to play most games you need five or six dice and there is no way a person can hold that many large dice. The solution was a small trash can to use as the dice cup. For just a few dollars, I was set to shake, rattle and roll.

Score CardsI printed out Farkle score sheets here and Yatzee score sheets here.

Big Dice GamesWe had so much fun playing these games in the campground. The games had us up, moving around while enjoying the campfire and the outdoors.

For one more photo of our fun camping weekend take a look at Wordless Wednesday at Oklahoma Women Bloggers here.

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The Most Relaxing Weekend

Fall is in the air and it makes me so happy! I have said before how much I love fall but here I go again. I love the cool crisp air, the colors on the trees, and the beauty of the leaves drifting down to the ground. Fall is not the time to stay indoors so the hubby and I decided to go camping at Osage Hills State Park.


We went camping on the perfect weekend. After work on Friday, we rushed around to get out of here because we were afraid we would get caught in a thunderstorm. We didn’t travel far so we beat the storm and got the camper set up and enjoyed some time sitting outside listening to the thunder before it rained. It rained through the night but that just made for some great sleeping weather.

Saturday morning was cloudy and cool, just perfect for a camp fire, reading, and relaxing. In the afternoon we went for a walk then played some games including a couple of giant dice games. (Yes, you read that right, I will post more about the giant dice games later.) Saturday night, we had a wonderful dinner cooked over the campfire and for some reason I always eat more than I should. Food just tastes better when cooked over a campfire. We played more games around the campfire then called it a night.

Sleeping in late is so easy in a camper with the windows open and a cool breeze so that is just what we did on Sunday morning. We took our time enjoying breakfast and talking. We were delaying leaving and heading back to reality, but someone had to do laundry before we had to return to work.

This was the most relaxing weekend I have had in a long time. We are already planning our next camping trip and this time we are looking forward to enjoying the changing colors of the leaves.

When was the last time you had a relaxing weekend and what did you do?

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