Large Dice Games

My husband and I went camping a couple of weekends ago. It rained the first night and we stayed in the camper and played games. We have several travel games that are small and just right for playing in the camper. But camping is more about the great outdoors so once the rain stopped we went outside and played more games. I took some common dice games that we already play and made them large and more suitable for outside.

Large Dice GamesI found just what we needed when walking the aisles of the dollar store. First, I spotted large foam dice on the toy aisle that I knew would be perfect for playing outside. The only problem was that to play most games you need five or six dice and there is no way a person can hold that many large dice. The solution was a small trash can to use as the dice cup. For just a few dollars, I was set to shake, rattle and roll.

Score CardsI printed out Farkle score sheets here and Yatzee score sheets here.

Big Dice GamesWe had so much fun playing these games in the campground. The games had us up, moving around while enjoying the campfire and the outdoors.

For one more photo of our fun camping weekend take a look at Wordless Wednesday at Oklahoma Women Bloggers here.

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