Facing a Challenge

I have engaged in a few new challenges this month. Walktober and a photo challenge both started at the first of October and I am determined to see both of these challenges to the end.

Walktober is a challenge to walk through the month of October. For this challenge I am on a team and we are up against 17 other teams. We track our steps taken per day. The real challenge for me is walking more than normal. Days before Walktober started, I tracked my steps and found out that I did not walk near as much as I thought I did. So to get more steps in, I have been walking more after work and my favorite path is in a local garden. As of October 7, I have taken 55,190 steps.

My second challenge this month is a photo challenge sponsored by Oklahoma Women Bloggers. Each day there is a different element to include in your picture. Once you have a picture you post it to Instagram. I have used my walks through the garden to get several of my photos.

Here are the photos from the first week.

OWBphotochallenge Week 11. Selfie  2. Sweet  3. Love  4. Fashion  5. Sun  6. Black and White  7. Nature

My selfie was taken on the first day of October along my walk. What a significant day for a selfie, this marks the first day of Walktober and of the photo challenge. I’m smiling in this picture, let’s see what the last day of October brings.

Black and WhiteThis black and white photo was taken of a gazebo in the garden along my walk. There has been more than one time I have thought this sure would be a good place to sit down and rest. But I trudge on and finish my walk.

NatureThis nature picture was also taken in the garden. There are so many beautiful plants in the garden. When I walk I try to change up directions and go different ways and I always see a plant or flower that I have missed before. I have even seen butterflies throughout the garden.

Combining these two challenges together has actually become pleasurable. I can take a walk, enjoy the scenery, and find a photo opportunity. If you would like to see more of my photos you can follow me here on Instagram. Or to see all the pictures from the Oklahoma Women Bloggers search for #OWBphotochallenge.

Be Inspired,



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