Craft Room Treasures

I have been working on setting up a craft room. I have been enjoying organizing my supplies and hanging items on the walls. I have been going through boxes of items that my daughter had and some of it was from my grandmother. I have come across some precious treasures.

What has captured my attention are two pincushions. One is homemade and the other is just a unique find. The homemade pincushion was made before Pinterest and probably before the internet. I do not know if my grandmother made it or if it was given to her. But I imagine she made it, probably at a class that she attended.

Mason Jar PincushionThis pin cushion was made from a Mason jar lid. It has gold ric rac around the lid and the bottom has a piece of cardboard covered with fabric. It is a stand-alone pin cushion that could not be put back on the Mason jar. I have found several tutorials on Pinterest to make your own. Click here for a tutorial that I found.

Chair PincushionThis pin cushion is just a unique find. I do not know where my grandmother got this one. It is so ornate with pearl beads on the legs and lots of detail.

I have not been using these pincushions but do have them on display in my craft room.

Do you have little treasures displayed in your craft room?

Be Inspired,