My Fabulous Treasure Finds of the Weekend

It was a great weekend here in Oklahoma. The weather was just right for getting out and going thrift shopping. It seems that thrift stores are popping up all around us and so we made lots of stops to find just what we wanted.

We were in search of an end table for the living room. Some may say I’m picky but I say I just know what I want. I was looking for something that wasn’t too big and it had to be just the right height to go beside my chair. I knew that whatever we got would need some TLC with some sanding and paint.

The first few stops turned up nothing. But then, we found this table…Lego Table

Not what I want beside my chair but perfect for this Lego table I found on Pinterest. My grandson is going to love it.

Our next stop had some nice used furniture and my husband pointed out this little gem to me.

Perfect Side Table

My husband doesn’t always get me but somehow he found the perfect table. I didn’t even have to paint it. We did change the knob on the drawer from a crystal knob to an anchor. It’s already sitting beside my chair and I love it.

I would love to hear what you found this weekend.

Be Inspired,



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