Clutter Simplified in the Craft Room

Out of clutter, find simplicity. – Albert Einstein

Today, I am excited to show you how I organize my craft space. This space can get messy really quickly because I use it to sew, paint and create. I love the simplicity of jars and baskets that display my craft supplies. And by putting my supplies on display they become part of the décor of the room. I think the colors of buttons, thread, and washi tape add to the charm of my craft room.

Over my sewing machine, I display colorful thread on a painted wooden spool rack. Having the thread and scissors within reach make changing out my thread easy when I start working on multiple projects.

Wooden Spool Rack

To store other sewing items like buttons and safety pins, I use baby food jars. I simply painted the lids to match the colors I am using in the room.

Organized with Jars

I use wire racks to store and display my paints and scrapbook paper. A wire basket holds washi tape, ribbon, and an assortment of mod podge. A small vase holds and displays my markers.

Craft Room Organized

I use a shelf unit to organize craft books and baskets on the shelves to organize other craft supplies. I also use an old wooden dresser to organize paint supplies, jewelry making supplies, wood supplies and more. I know it seems like a lot but a crafter can never have too much. We never know when we will need something.

So these are a few ways that I organize my craft space because when I start crafting, my workspace starts to look like this

A Crafters Work Space

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Lego Table Progress

Progress is being made on the Lego table. 

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Fight Procrastination: Just Do It

Today is Fight Procrastination Day and I am not going to put off what I should have done yesterday. Before I sat down to write this post, I didn’t think of myself as a procrastinator. However, writing this post has made me think of plenty of things that I should have done. In order to get me back on track, I have found several tips to help me fight procrastination and just do it.

Time management is important in combating procrastination. Use a calendar to list everything that needs to be accomplished. Prioritize items and set deadlines for accomplishing each task. Use mobile apps to set reminders.

Just do it as soon as you arrive at work, school, or home. Putting off tasks only makes them harder to start. I can relate to this, can you? When I get home from work, I want to take a minute for myself by sitting down and unwinding. Big mistake because then I get comfortable and don’t want to get up to tackle my chores. Instead, I need to keep going when I get home and use the momentum I have to accomplish my chores.

Large jobs are too daunting. Instead, divide those large jobs into smaller more reasonable tasks. The feeling of accomplishment when I finish a smaller task is a great motivator to continue working to complete the whole project.

Procrastination is the bad habit of putting

Let’s not procrastinate anymore! Make the most of today and just do it!

What will you get accomplished today?

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Take Out Your Secret Stash of Colors and Create

Adult ColoringDo you enjoy sitting down with the kids to color? Do you have your own stash of colors (the ones the kids haven’t broken yet) hidden in a drawer? Adult coloring is all the craze now so no more hiding your colors.

After a long day of work, I find that coloring is very relaxing. Even when I have so many things on my mind, I am able to sort out the world’s problems just by putting color on paper. Coloring gives me time to organize my thoughts and make plans for the future.

I use an adult coloring book but if you don’t want to buy a coloring book, the internet has many free printable pages. Even our local library is getting in on the action by handing out free printed coloring pages. Once you find the perfect page for you, just print and color a masterpiece. Pages you have colored can then be framed and used in your home décor. I have a collection of printable pages on my Pinterest board here.

I use map pencils to color. Do you like crayons or markers better?

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