Fabric ABC’s for a Toddler

Earlier this winter I sat down to create a Christmas gift for my grandson. I thought it would be very time-consuming but it only took me a few hours to complete. My grandson loves his letters and his mom helps him with learning his ABC’s.

Fabric ABC'sI first made a fabric sandwich with quilt batting between two pieces of fabric. I used fusible batting so that I would not have to pin the fabric sandwich together. I cut each letter out and sewed each letter together.

FAbric ABC'sMy youngest daughter found a cigar box and painted a striped pattern that matched one of the fabrics I used. Then she painted my grandson’s name on the top of the box.Fabric ABC'sMy grandson and my oldest daughter were very surprised at Christmas to see this special gift.Fabric ABCsHappy Together has a more detailed tutorial and printable patterns for the letters and numbers.

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A Crafter’s Wishlist

I hope your Tuesday was a great one. We are one more day closer to Christmas and I have been busy making some gifts. Sometimes when I am crafting, I think about craft tools that would make crafting easier and other products that would be fun to use. I even have a board on Pinterest of products that I would love to have (this makes shopping easier for the hubs).

Today, I am sharing a few things that I have been dreaming about.

ImageI would love to try Phoomph for fabric.

phoomphsoft200Phoomph by Coats and Clark is a fabric bonding sheet. The great part is there is no ironing required, just press the fabric into place with your hands. Phoomph also comes in eight colors to match your fabric.

Seam-Fix would be a great stocking stuffer.

Seam-Fix is a seam ripper. What puts this on my wish list is the special plastic end of the seam ripper that grabs the broken threads and pulls them out of the fabric. It is never fun to rip out stitches but Seam-Fix would make it a lot easier. No more picking out thread with my fingers!

My fingers would also appreciate the Hot Glue Gun Helpers by Plaid.

The Hot Glue Gun Helper has a mat so that the hot glue does not make a mess on the table. And to help avoid finger burns there are finger caps and a press wand.

What would you like to see under your Christmas tree?

Back to School Backpack

I hope your week is off to a great start. Is everyone back in school? The kids here have been in school for a little over a week now. Even though I don’t have young kids, my youngest daughter has gone back to college so things here have calmed down some.

Backpacks are a must for back to school. Even college students need a good bag to carry books, so my daughter worked on adding style to a plain backpack. She went looking for inspiration and found it with Pinterest. She loved the lace on this backpack and knew that she could add different elements to her own backpack.

She took a plain backpack and added a patch and some fringe. The fringe is small single strands, not one big piece. Everything was hand sewn so it did take her several hours to sew the fringe on.

She loves The Beatles and found this cute patch at Micheals.

What would you or your kids put on a backpack?

Happy back to school!

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Appliquéd Burp Cloth

Hope ya’ll had a great 4th of July! It was really nice for me to have a day off in the middle of the week. Since it was the middle of the week, our family just stayed at home and enjoyed time together. At dark, we went and watched the fireworks display put on by the city.

I’m still getting ready for a grand-son that should be coming any time now. Since burp cloths are a must, I dressed up some cloth diapers with appliques.

I folded the cloth diapers in third and sewed the ends and sides together. Then, using the Silhouette Cameo, and the silhouette interfacing, I cut out the silhouettes of a truck, dinosaur, and giraffe. I used a simple stitch on the sewing machine to applique the silhouettes on the cloth. I love how they turned out!!

The giraffe is my favorite. I love the fabric with the spots.

The dinosaur is also very cute with the tie dye green fabric.
What would you make with a Silhouette Cameo? Don’t have one? I know this great blog that is giving one away! Just visit I {heart} Nap Time and enter to win! Good Luck!

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