Beach Refrigerator Magnets

It’s another very hot day in Oklahoma. How was your Tuesday?
In yesterday’s post I talked about going to Michaels and the new Mod Podge products I bought. Today, I will share with you the refrigerator magnets I made using some of the great products.
I used the podgeables, sparkle Mod Podge, dimensional magic Mod Podge and scrapbook paper with beach scenes.

I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the podgeables and then attached the scrapbook paper to the podgeables. I used the podgeables as the back of the magnet to make them more stable. I then added some sparkle to the sky of the beach scenes. 
Once that dried, I used the dimensional magic on top of the picture. Be sure to let the dimensional magic dry for at least three hours (this is where I became impatient). After everything was dry, I added magnets to the back.

Now, I have magnets with some great beach pictures.


Sea Shell Candle Holders

Hope you had a great weekend! Did you work on any new projects? Or did you take a trip? After hearing about all the great new Mod Podge products at Michaels, our family took a trip to a bigger nearby city to check it out for ourselves. Wow! I found some great things and just couldn’t decide what to get or what I wanted to make. After much debate, I decided on the sample pack of Mod Podge so that I can try it all and I got a package of podgeables.
I am changing things up in the house and have decided to go with a beach theme. So after visiting Michaels, I though it would be the perfect time to get started.
I made two candle holders with twine, shells and Mod Podge.

The first candle holder I wrapped with twine, keeping it in place with Mod Podge. I added some sparkle to a plain starfish with the new sparkle Mod Podge. Then, I placed the starfish on the twine.

On the second candle holder, I used Mod Podge, sea shells, and crushed sea shells.
I covered the bottom half of the candle holder with mod podge and crushed shells. I did this twice to get the amount of shells I wanted because with one coat it looked a little bare. Then I added a few shells.
I love how they both turned out! What do you think?

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Jewelry Holder

Wow! Summer is here. It is really hot today, the outdoor thermometer says 102. So I am staying in getting laundry done and working on some craft projects. How are you staying cool?
Today I am sharing another Mod Podge project I made last weekend. I made a catch all plate to hold my jewelry.
All it took was a clear glass plate from the dollar store, some fabric, and Mod Podge. I cut the fabric to fit the plate and then attached the fabric to the bottom of the plate with Mod Podge. It was so simple. 
Now when I take off my ring it won’t just be laying on the counter and when I go looking for my necklace I will know right where it is. This would also make a great catch all plate for my husband pocket stuff. 
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Covered Baby Wipe Case

Let’s get this weekend started! Like I said in an earlier post last weekend was all about Mod Podge. Since I had it out I made lots of projects.

This little case didn’t need much fabric so I used fabric I had left over from the photo album I covered. Cutting the fabric to fit the case was a challenge since there are lots of curves and the top was more difficult with the opening. Some how I managed and got it cut out. Then using Mod Podge I placed the fabric on the case. Since the wipes are wet, I placed a layer of Mod Podge on top of the fabric to seal it.

Even with a few flaws I think it turned out pretty cute.

Do you plan on crafting this weekend?

Not A Plain Photo Album

I am going to be a grandma! In July, my husband and I are expecting our first grand-child. I am so thrilled and can barley contain my excitement. I found a very plain Jane photo album on the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart. I knew that I could make this a special album for the grand-baby. All it took was fabric and Mod Podge.

I cut the fabric the size of the album plus a ½ inch around all sides. Working in small sections, I put Mod Podge on the album and placed the fabric. Once the album was covered I wrapped the edges. Then I cut the photo opening in the front of the album and wrapped those edges.

I am ready to fill this album with pictures of our little bundle of joy.