Falling Leaves Mantel

Every LeafHappy fall! I love the colors that come with the changing of the leaves however, the colors of fall do not always go with my d├ęcor. This year, I have been trying to have a more coastal feel in my home but fall is not really a coastal season. Once again Pinterest came to my rescue and I found inspiration for my fall mantel.

I purchased a package of silk fall leaves and some spray paint. I spray painted the leaves and let them dry. I found a tree branch in the yard and sprayed it with a sealer. Once everything was dry, I used twine to hang the leaves from the branch.

Falling LeavesHanging the falling leaves above the mantel was the start but the mantel was lacking something more. I decided that I needed something with height to sit on the mantel. Heading back outside, I picked up four more branches. I painted the branches the same colors as I painted the leaves and left one natural spraying it with sealer. Once the branches were dry, I placed them in a metal container that I already had.

Painted BranchesThis project was inexpensive, simple and quick. I now have a fall look with coastal colors and I love the simple uncluttered look of the mantel.

Fall MantelMy inspiration came from Making Home Base.

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DIY Star Wars Flower Planters

This week my youngest daughter, Mallorie, has been home and she is crafting. Mallorie is combining two of her favorite things: Star Wars and plants. I am not much of a Star Wars fan so she is helping me with identifying these characters.

Star Wars Flower PlanterMallorie used four-inch flower pots. She put a base coat on and then drew out the lines with a pencil. Then using the pencil lines, she started adding the little details on R2D2. She had to use a very small outlining brush for the small straight lines.

Flower Pots

R2D2 Flower PlanterThe Stormtrooper also has a base coat of white and then she painted the black lines with a small detailing brush.

Stormtrooper Flower PotBoba Fett was much easier to paint with a green base coat. Then she taped off the stripes to paint the red and black.

Boba Fett Flower PlanterNow she is ready to plant her flowers and enjoy her Star Wars planters.

Star Wars Flower PlanterBe Inspired,