Love You Sign

I love quick, easy and cheap crafts. Today I want to share with you a cute “love you” sign that falls into all of these categories. This last weekend was so busy that a quick craft project was a must if I wanted to accomplish anything.

love you signFor this cute “love you” sign, I used a simple cheap frame. If you don’t have some empty frames you can pick one up at the dollar store. I used two sheets of white card stock and three washi tapes that had red and pink in them.

love you cut outI used my Silhouette to cut one of the sheets of card stock with “love you”. Then on the other sheet of card stock I placed the washi tape horizontally.

wash itapePlace the cut out sign in front of the washi tape lined page and put in the frame.

love you signSee? Quick and cheap. I love the new addition to my valentine decore.

Be Inspired,



Line A Day Journal

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We are well into the New Year. Have you set any resolutions? I usually don’t set resolutions because I just break them. This year I didn’t set a resolution but made a commitment to write a line a day journal. So while my daughters where home we had a fun night of crafting and made journal boxes.

Line A Day.jpgEach day, I write one sentence about what happened or what I want to remember about that day. Then, when next year starts, I will write a sentence on the next line and be able to review what happened in 2014. As the years pass it will be fun to read about what happened three and four years back.

011214_0213_LineADayJou2.jpgTo get started you will need index cards, a box to hold index cards, a date stamp, and washi tape.

011214_0213_LineADayJou3.jpgStamp the top of each index card with each date. Do not put the year on the stamp because each line of the index card will be a different year. I could not find a stamp without a year so we ended up cutting the year off of the stamp.

011214_0213_LineADayJou4.jpgI used the washi tape to trim 12 index cards for each month. I also used the tape to create a tab at the top of these cards.

011214_0213_LineADayJou5.jpgI am enjoying writing a sentence each day and am looking forward to the coming years. It will be so exciting to see what our family has done through the years.

Be Inspired,


Graduation Bunting

I have not one but two loved ones graduating this week. I am so proud of them both. My oldest daughter is graduating from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and my husband is graduating with his Masters from the University of Oklahoma. I wanted to create something special that the whole family could see and enjoy through the week.

For inspiration I headed to the place everyone goes, Pinterest.

 I found this bunting from Japanistic Blog

The inspiration is paper bunting with washi tape used to decorate the bunting. With the pinspiration I need to make a graduation bunting, I grabbed my supplies and got started.

Like the Pinterest post, I used paper for the bunting and letters and decorated the bunting with washi tape. Since I was decorating for graduates from two schools, I used the school colors from both schools. I used green and white for “Grads” and crimson and cream (I prefer orange and black) for “2012”.

After cutting out the bunting and letters, I placed the washi tape and then glued on the letters.

I made a special flag for both grads with a picture and washi tape.

It was a great surprise for them when they came in the door. And I had so much fun making something special for us all to enjoy.

Are you making something special for a graduate?