Facing a Challenge

I have engaged in a few new challenges this month. Walktober and a photo challenge both started at the first of October and I am determined to see both of these challenges to the end.

Walktober is a challenge to walk through the month of October. For this challenge I am on a team and we are up against 17 other teams. We track our steps taken per day. The real challenge for me is walking more than normal. Days before Walktober started, I tracked my steps and found out that I did not walk near as much as I thought I did. So to get more steps in, I have been walking more after work and my favorite path is in a local garden. As of October 7, I have taken 55,190 steps.

My second challenge this month is a photo challenge sponsored by Oklahoma Women Bloggers. Each day there is a different element to include in your picture. Once you have a picture you post it to Instagram. I have used my walks through the garden to get several of my photos.

Here are the photos from the first week.

OWBphotochallenge Week 11. Selfie  2. Sweet  3. Love  4. Fashion  5. Sun  6. Black and White  7. Nature

My selfie was taken on the first day of October along my walk. What a significant day for a selfie, this marks the first day of Walktober and of the photo challenge. I’m smiling in this picture, let’s see what the last day of October brings.

Black and WhiteThis black and white photo was taken of a gazebo in the garden along my walk. There has been more than one time I have thought this sure would be a good place to sit down and rest. But I trudge on and finish my walk.

NatureThis nature picture was also taken in the garden. There are so many beautiful plants in the garden. When I walk I try to change up directions and go different ways and I always see a plant or flower that I have missed before. I have even seen butterflies throughout the garden.

Combining these two challenges together has actually become pleasurable. I can take a walk, enjoy the scenery, and find a photo opportunity. If you would like to see more of my photos you can follow me here on Instagram. Or to see all the pictures from the Oklahoma Women Bloggers search for #OWBphotochallenge.

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Photo A Day May Week 4

What a weekend! I am getting this posted a little late the weather just has not been cooperating. It has been raining at night and interfering with the internet. It is suppose to storm again tonight but I hope to get this posted so I can share some of my weekend projects later this week.

Here are my photos for the week of May 20 – 26.

I do not drink many Cokes, sodas, pops, or what ever you call them from where you’re from, but I drink unsweetened tea by the gallons. I just don’t think I could live without it. Tea is what wakes me up in morning and what keeps me going all day.

 This is the spot in the kitchen I stand the most…the kitchen sink.

These are some pink glasses I made as props for pictures. This will probably be a future post. They where so easy to make and I decorated them with washi tape.

There are so many options when it comes to technology. Remember the days of cassette tapes, word processes, and pong. Technology changes so fast.

I didn’t go shopping just so I could take this picture. I really did need some new clothes for summer.

Oops, I missed the picture for May 25. It was suppose to be a picture of unusual. That is the beauty of the photo a day challenge. If you miss a day it’s OK.

On May 26 at 12 o’clock I was taking the dogs out for a walk. We have two beagles that love to follow their nose and that only leads to trouble.

The new list for June is out. Come join the fun at Fat Mum Slim. The challenge is easy take a photo a day and have fun.

Photo A Day May #3

Wow, this was the third week of May! Time is just flying and before we know it we will be in June. That will be one month closer to the arrival of my first grand-baby.

I am so excited to share this weeks photos. It has been an incredible week with graduation, mothers day, and a baby shower. I am so blessed.

Here is a glimpse into my week with these pictures from May 13 – 19:

My daughter graduated from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and my mother was there for the special occasion. This is my youngest daughter, mother and the graduate. It was a really great weekend.

Grass should be easy but sometimes it is hard to find in all the weeds.

May 15th was a picture of love. It is a wonderful thing that we can have so much love for someone we haven’t even met yet. This little guy is my first grand-baby and he is already loved by so many people. I just can’t wait to meet him!

Several times this week we went to get snow-cones. Well, actually snowmen. If you have never had a snowman it is delicious. A snowman has a layer of vanilla ice cream, a layer of snow-cone in the flavor of your choice, and topped with whipped cream. I recommend strawberry shortcake and fudgesicle. Yummy.

I ate a cute cupcake at the baby shower. We had so much fun playing games and opening gifts with friends.

This is the spool wreath a made last week. If you missed that post you can see how I made it here.

My favorite place is this corner of the couch. It is where I use my laptop, read or watch TV. Sometimes I take a nap here.

You still have time to join the challenge. Here are the rules and have fun.

Photo A Day May Week 2

Another week has passed and I have seven photos to share from the Photo A Day Challenge. If you missed my early post about the challenge you can read it here.

Here are my pictures for the week of May 6-12.

A photo of me on a really pretty day in May with the sun roof open.
I have two daughters that inspire me to be the best mother and person I can be.
I love the smell of candles. This is one of my favorite, pumpkin spice.

I drive everyday. We live out of town so not a day goes by that I don’t have to drive somewhere.

A favorite word for me is: home. It is truly where my heart is.

 The big mixer in my kitchen. I think my husband uses it more than me.

 My family makes me happy especially when they are being silly and will not look at the camera.

Where did you post your pictures for this week? Let me know so I can see them.

Photo A Day May Week 1

I have accepted Chantelle’s photo a day challenge over at Fat Mum Slim and have been having so much fun. The challenge is simple: take a photo everyday and share your pictures with others.

Click here for the official challenge of  Photo A Day May
Here are my pictures from the first week. I missed a few days and then took a couple of pictures on one day then I missed day four. Oh well, it’s just fun!
My daughter loves just about anything that has a peace sign. She found this one in Hobby Lobby and then painted it herself.

  Only a picture can capture the beauty of an Oklahoma skyline.

It was a bright, sunny day so of course I wore my shades and a smile.

Oops! I missed day 4. The picture was suppose to be of “fun”. I could have used my day 3 picture since I was having fun spending time with my husband.

This duck was in a parking lot next to a busy road.

I will share more photos next week. You can also follow me on instagram at parrydb.
Check out the Photo A Day Challenge and let me know where I can follow your pictures.