Spring Wreath

Spring is here and pollen is in the air. Achoo! Sorry, my allergies are really bad right now.

I decided to get into spring and create a new wreath for my old screen door. Continue reading


Easter Bonnet Wreath

I am ready for spring! I love the colors of spring; pastels, blues, greens, and yellows. I enjoy the warmer weather and the longer days. Flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. It really is a great time of year.

Bonnet Wreath This weekend, I made a spring wreath to brighten up my front door. A lot of thought went into finding what I wanted to use for the wreath. I spent over an hour going through the craft store trying to come up with something that I wanted to put on the door. I have made a burlap wreath and mesh wreath before and I wanted something different. I just couldn’t come up with anything that excited me so I gave up and left the store empty-handed. My daughter said that we should go into Dollar Tree and even though I didn’t know what I would find, I went.

I hit the jackpot! As soon as we walked in the door at Dollar Tree, I saw some girls Easter bonnets and knew that I was going to use one to make a wreath. I also picked up some flowers to add to the bonnet. This turned into a very inexpensive project. And I was so excited to get home and make my wreath.

Bonnet Wreath SuppliesIn less than an hour, I had the wreath made and hung on the door. First, I added some ribbon to the hat. Then, I clipped the flower stems so that they would fit around the hat. I wrapped floral tape around the group of flowers to keep them all together. I used hot glue to attach the flowers to the brim of the hat. I made a bow with the same ribbon and attached it to the bottom of the flowers to cover up the floral tape.

Bonnet WreathI love the spring look of this hat! I even added in these cute little butterflies.

ButterflyHave you ever found your inspiration where you least expected?

Be Inspired,


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Heart Wreath

I had a very busy three day weekend. Our family spent time together at the Oklahoma Aquarium. Our grandson had so much fun getting up close to the fish and even touching some of them.

Then when we got home I had housework but I also made time to put together some Valentine decorations. The first thing I made was a wreath to go over the mantel.

Heart WreathI used a heart shaped wire wreath, mesh ribbon, and wire ribbon. For the hearts I cut them out of felt.

Wreath SuppliesI tied the mesh and ribbon on with red chenille stems.

Wreath First, I tied on some of the chevron ribbon close to the frame because the green wire frame of the wreath was showing through the red mesh. Then I tied the red mesh in big loops onto the frame. Then I tied more chevron ribbon in big loops with the mesh. I glued the two felt hearts onto the ribbon.

Heart WreathI love the addition above the fireplace.

Be Inspired.