Arm Knitted Scarf

Arm knitting seems to be one of the latest trends. Looking through Pinterest, I see lots of scarfs and blankets that are arm knitted. I love the look but thought there was no way I would be doing this, I can’t even knit. However, my youngest daughter knows how to knit and she thought she would give it a try. In one night, she set down and arm knitted two scarfs. She said that it only took her about 20 minutes to knit each scarf.

Arm Knitted ScarfThis weekend, my youngest came to visit and I had her show me how to arm knit. Actually it was a little confusing, she is left-handed and I am right-handed so we were doing everything backwards. Since I was getting so confused she had me watch the video HERE. I had to stop, rewind and re-watch several times before I caught on. The hardest part to me was the casting on stitches in the beginning. After the first part it was really easy and I got into the rhythm of knitting. I don’t know exactly how long it took to make the scarf but it seemed to come together quickly (after I re-watched the video).

Arm Knitted ScarfI want to arm knit something bigger now. I may try my hand (or arm) at a blanket but I am a little skeptical at how I am going to get that many rows up my arm.Arm KnittingHave you tried arm knitting yet?

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