Lego Table Progress

Progress is being made on the Lego table. 

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Fight Procrastination: Just Do It

Today is Fight Procrastination Day and I am not going to put off what I should have done yesterday. Before I sat down to write this post, I didn’t think of myself as a procrastinator. However, writing this post has made me think of plenty of things that I should have done. In order to get me back on track, I have found several tips to help me fight procrastination and just do it.

Time management is important in combating procrastination. Use a calendar to list everything that needs to be accomplished. Prioritize items and set deadlines for accomplishing each task. Use mobile apps to set reminders.

Just do it as soon as you arrive at work, school, or home. Putting off tasks only makes them harder to start. I can relate to this, can you? When I get home from work, I want to take a minute for myself by sitting down and unwinding. Big mistake because then I get comfortable and don’t want to get up to tackle my chores. Instead, I need to keep going when I get home and use the momentum I have to accomplish my chores.

Large jobs are too daunting. Instead, divide those large jobs into smaller more reasonable tasks. The feeling of accomplishment when I finish a smaller task is a great motivator to continue working to complete the whole project.

Procrastination is the bad habit of putting

Let’s not procrastinate anymore! Make the most of today and just do it!

What will you get accomplished today?

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Take Out Your Secret Stash of Colors and Create

Adult ColoringDo you enjoy sitting down with the kids to color? Do you have your own stash of colors (the ones the kids haven’t broken yet) hidden in a drawer? Adult coloring is all the craze now so no more hiding your colors.

After a long day of work, I find that coloring is very relaxing. Even when I have so many things on my mind, I am able to sort out the world’s problems just by putting color on paper. Coloring gives me time to organize my thoughts and make plans for the future.

I use an adult coloring book but if you don’t want to buy a coloring book, the internet has many free printable pages. Even our local library is getting in on the action by handing out free printed coloring pages. Once you find the perfect page for you, just print and color a masterpiece. Pages you have colored can then be framed and used in your home décor. I have a collection of printable pages on my Pinterest board here.

I use map pencils to color. Do you like crayons or markers better?

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My Fabulous Treasure Finds of the Weekend

It was a great weekend here in Oklahoma. The weather was just right for getting out and going thrift shopping. It seems that thrift stores are popping up all around us and so we made lots of stops to find just what we wanted.

We were in search of an end table for the living room. Some may say I’m picky but I say I just know what I want. I was looking for something that wasn’t too big and it had to be just the right height to go beside my chair. I knew that whatever we got would need some TLC with some sanding and paint.

The first few stops turned up nothing. But then, we found this table…Lego Table

Not what I want beside my chair but perfect for this Lego table I found on Pinterest. My grandson is going to love it.

Our next stop had some nice used furniture and my husband pointed out this little gem to me.

Perfect Side Table

My husband doesn’t always get me but somehow he found the perfect table. I didn’t even have to paint it. We did change the knob on the drawer from a crystal knob to an anchor. It’s already sitting beside my chair and I love it.

I would love to hear what you found this weekend.

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How to Improve Your Pinterest News Feed

The Pinterest you fell in love with has changed and your news feed just doesn’t hold your attention like it once did. Pins that don’t interest you keep popping up in your news feed and some pins show up multiple times. Pins from months ago are showing up at the top of your news feed showing you past holidays. It seems to be happening to all of us but we can change our Pinterest news feed with a little bit of cleaning.

I know that to see pins we need to follow people and boards, but when we follow too many our news feed starts getting cluttered with pins we don’t even like. So what I am suggesting may be upsetting to some bloggers but it is what is best for Pinterest news feeds everywhere. UNFOLLOW!

1.  Unfollow boards that do not interest you. I am not a cook. I do not enjoy being in the kitchen. Therefore, recipe boards are the first boards I stopped following. While looking through my news feed when I came across a recipe pin, I clicked on the board name then choose to unfollow. I also picked out some of the pinners I was following and looked at all their boards. Some pinners had multiple boards for recipes so I unfollowed those boards. Don’t get me wrong, I still have recipes that pop up in my news feed and I even have a board to pin food, but I am no longer overwhelmed by food pins. So get rid of what you don’t like. Maybe you don’t want to see pins about sewing or pins about remodeling a room. It’s alright to unfollow those boards and free up your news feed for what interests you.

2.  Get rid of group boards in your feed. Group boards are great for sharing ideas or planning a trip. Our family has a group board for planning a wedding. However, when the number of pinners to a group board starts getting into the double digits, the pins on this board can take over your news feed. And a lot of these group boards share the same pins you have already seen.

 Group BoardThe icon with three people indicates that the board is a group board.

I once again picked out some of the pinners that I follow and looked to see if any of their boards were group boards. I unfollowed the group boards that I had no interest in. Some of the group boards I will continue to follow, but if I find these boards are taking over my news feed I will unfollow them too.

3.  Let Pinterest know what you want to see. Pinterest is now posting pins to your news feed.

Picked for you

Look for the “Picked for You” pins. To remove, hover over the lower right corner and an x will appear. Click on the x to delete the pin. Another box will pop up where the pin once was, click on that box to tell Pinterest why you don’t want to see it. Pinterest gives you three choices – is it not interesting? Did you already see this pin? Is it offensive? Let Pinterest know so that your feed keeps you inspired.

I changed my Pinterest news feed with these three steps and now I am enjoying Pinterest again. I see what interests me and not what everyone else wants me to see. My news feed is now back to a more chronological order. I guess with so many pins hitting my news feed, Pinterest just didn’t know how to show me everything. I even see more pins from my close friends, I had almost forgotten they were out there pinning what inspired them too.

Be Inspired,